Nuke Richmond

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 20:43:20 2001

From: Sellam Ismail <>
>You meant this the other way around, didn't you? I have to spend
>frustrating minutes each week "stroking" Win98 to keep it alive (i.e.

Well, disperse the frelling defective app! W98(hopefully 2nd edition or
in the work environment has proven acceptable and solid once the buggy
were booted. We even run office97 on it reliabily. Oh, the worst
IEV5! For the 98 users find 98LITE it can help get the bugs out.

>server, file server, and firewall. All I do on my Win98 box is surf the
>web, listen to Napster, and type documents, and it can't even handle
>without tripping over itself.

As if any of those are trivial tasks. Napster is not simple nor small.
As to
your text problem, I'll bet your using one of the lightweight word
lightweight these days is an install file or 9-10 megabytes. Maybe the
offendor and virus programming language WORD and it's VisualBasic.

Why not surf the net with linux? Avoid the OS pain then.

>Windows is like a retarded child.

Now that's offensive, to the learning handicapped that is. I'd have
Windows to Brussel Sprouts that were improperly cooked.

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