Router Configuration

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 21:06:59 2001

From: Marvin <>
Subject: OT: Router Configuration

>SparcStation 2 with Solaris 7, of course some Pentium (and below)
>etc. available but I am clueless on what type of software could be used
>set this up. I would also like to put up a web server that most likely
>only be accessable (for the time being) from inside. My knowledge in the
>area of setting something like this up is pretty small. Any suggestions?

Low end pentium running whatever you knew well.

I've tried W95(custom install, minimal system) with AnalogX Proxy server
on the DSL with good results with a 486dx/66 and 16mb ram.

NT4/WS running analogX Proxy was better on the 486dx/66 FYI.

There is LRP (Linux router project) and I'm sure FreeBSD and the right
stuff works well for this too.

Most anything works but what software is mostly a case of what you
know (can buy) and and configure. NAT/Router/Bridge/proxy/firewall
things do not that seem all that cpu intensive.

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