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Date: Fri Jan 12 21:48:39 2001

> > Just keep in mind, that I've no axe to grind, except that I think the
> > discussion of LINUX is OT. After all, it's not 10 years old yet, right?
> >
> Actually, I think Linux first arrived in 1991. :)

October 1991 saw the release of Linux .10, then came .11, then in January
'92 there was .12. Then the numbers took a big jump in February or March
with the next release being .95.

Of course at this time it was only a boot and root floppy image. There was
the MCC distro shortly after, which was I believe 5 floppies. The first
real distro in the modern sense was the SLS distro which arrived in early
'93 if my memory serves me (still have the floppies for all these things in
storage). The first SLS distro was only about 12-15 floppies, and my
Internet bill that month was $200!

Around July '92 saw the first release of X-Windows (X386) on Linux, and it
only supported ET4000 based cards. I think the first very primitive
networking support was at about the same time.

So, until October Linux is still off topic.

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