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Yup, back then it shipped on guess how many disks? Thirteen 1.44mb
floppies. Three years later, Windows 95 shiped on guess how many disks?
Yup, thirteen 1.44 floppies and it did less.

Back in those days, the main complaint was performance on lame hardware.
It was excellent on a 486dx but much less than a 386dx and it was too slow
to use (patiencewise -I had a friend who ran Warp Connect on his 386sx.
Even I didn't understand THAT. My 486dx2/66 was snappy with 24mb ram.
His crawled with the same amount. It didn't beat his disk up, it was just
glacial on is 386sx.

Basicly system requirements were low, but much higher if you wanted a
snappy system. Three years later, 95 didn't perform very well on a 386sx

As far as killing the OS, it never died. It still does the vast majority
of the worlds banking. You don't hear much about it because it rarely
breaks. It isn't unusual for a countries banking system to buy tens of
thousands of seats in one fell swoop. Recently this happened in Germany
and in Brazil when both countries chose OS/2 Warp to run thier nationwide
financial systems. That is one heck of a compliment to a 'dead' operating

Just do a websearch for any function under the sun and see how many hits
you get for OS/2. It is really an eye-opener how well supported and strong
the OS/2 community is. Thank goodness for me because I adopted it as my
main OS in 1992.

You can buy the latest greatest desktop version (a slightly scaled down
version of Warp Server for E-Business) from BMT Micro via the web. It
really is worth a look. It is a bootable CD - I havn't installed from
floppies since 1993. When OS/2 got 'Warped' with version 3, a cd install
was the only practical way. Till this day though you can still run off a
set of 80 floppies and install that way but it is so much easier to just
hang a cdrom off the poor cd-less machine......



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>My one and only encounter with OS/2 was in '94 or so, and when I found
>that it took my system adminsitrator almost a whole day to install the
>contents of the five or six pounds of diskettes, I decided it would be my
>last. It took me about 45 minutes to restore the DOS/Win3.11.

>I guess it doesn't take much to kill an OS.


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