Router Configuration

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Jan 13 14:37:32 2001

From: Sellam Ismail <>

>If you need a good proxy server on as low end a system you can (win95 as
>proxy server? oi!) try the Linux Router Project. Can run on a lowly

An aside if W95 is only doing proxy server it's fine, just done ask it to
printserver and a local workstation as well. First it was a box I had
not that it was a best choice. Runs much better on NT4/WS minimal
running on a 486dx/66 in 20mb ram.

The LRP is already running on a SIIG3000 (brick sized 386/16 W/5mb ram)
and it's a good enough combo. It only has one eithernic due to internal
limits, that one will later be a modem NAT/router from DSL down times.

Like many others I've gone DSL and the DSL modem needs NAT, firewall,
antivirus and proxy services in it so I have to look around too. My
is FreeBSD or VMS running on a box with two EitherNICs so that my
is completely isolated from the DSL.

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