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Warp deals with power loss well but not allways perfectly. Though in my
years of experience with it I've never noticed a single fault caused by
power loss, I have noticed that the autocheck will 'find' 'lost files' and
place them in x:\found00x folders. I think they are hash files because
the originals are all in thier correct places and the system runs

I just delete the folder(s) whenever I see one which is rare.

This is on an HPFS formatted drive. A power failure can screw the
filesystem just like windows if you run fat. I gave up on fat about the
time I got OS/2....



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>OS dies from bad app is clearly the worst case. It can hammer the
>and thats always messy. NT4 is clearly way better on that over W9x. The
>acid test for both (from work experience) is start editing a document
>WORD, running Paradox-9 or Delphi and then pull the plug out of the wall.
>The W95 box generally does bad stuff while the NT4 box seems to shrug it
>off loosing only unsaved work. W9x is not robust, never said it was.

>From testing OS/2 is in the NT4 response catagory to unexpected power
>The various unix clones seem to take it well but, I havent tested it as


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