Nuke Richmond

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Jan 13 16:50:56 2001

It's really not so wasteful providing hard disk space for print spooling,
since many network printers have upwards of 40 MB of memory on board, e.g.
my Okidata OL-1200. With lots of print jobs, it can schedule
reloads/changes of the cartridges, etc. What's more, lots of single pages
require more than 1 MB of description, and that doesn't even address

Besides, if a kid needs 512 MB of RAM just to play his video games, why
shouldn't a print server have a couple of hundred megs of hard disk space,
otherwise too small to be of consequence?

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> ajp166 skrev:
> >All I
> >had to do was learn the OS and install scripting. My favorite kind of
> >fun
> >is taking a wreck like a 486/33 with 8mb ram and 120mb of disk and
> >making a printserver and still have 60mb unused.
> 60 megs? You waste sixty megs on a printserver? My, that's resourceful.
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