Dreamcast (was: Re: Nuke Redmond!)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Jan 13 18:29:24 2001

>I hadn't even thought of using NFS or likeminded ideas on it. Cool, that's
>definitely a thought. I didn't know the DC had an ethernet adaptor. This
>is sounding like a cooler and cooler idea all the time! :-)

They *just* released the "Broadband" adapter in the US, and currently you
can only get it direct from Sega. Retailers are supposed to be able to
start selling it in March.

>Besides, what's wrong with a serial console? I have a Wyse 30 here that
>needs good use ;-)

Well.... When you've got VGA, Keyboard, and Mouse, it just screams to run
X-Windows. Of course I'll admit that most of us probably don't have any of
those for their Dreamcast (I know I don't).

Now how long before someone ports UNIX to the PS2? Anyone know where to
find Hardware info on that sucker? I finally got to see one today and it
has a rather interesting looking expansion bay. ISTR hearing something
about a Hard Disk for it. Plus it has two USB, and I think one Firewire
port. After seeing one I'm more curious about the hardware than I had been.


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