operating system integrity (coming from Nuke Redmond)

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Date: Sat Jan 13 19:45:01 2001

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>When you run a win3x application under 9x, the entire multitasking
>reverts to cooperative which not a nice thing to do even to windos.
>all win3x apps share the same space, one crashes, all can crash because

Actually I run Paradox/DOSV4.5 under win95 and if you set things up right
it can run protected dos space and the cooperative multitasking is only
within that virtual dos window. It's a bigger probem that it tried to
to the printer directly and Windows blocks on that if the setup is not
exactly right.

>As pertains to running windows programs, OS/2 does 'cooperative
>preemption' in a way. If you want to run a win3x application, you can
>either run it entirely in it's own, protected memory space (seamless),
>in a shared, protected space (shared between several win3x apps together
>in the same space). In the first mode, if a seamless 3x app crashes, it
>affects only it's own space. If an app running in shared space crashes,
>it can crash all it's buddies sharing it's memory.

NT4 also has this and it works well. BUT, you have to watch as some dos
programs may try to share a file and you can get file locking problems.

>OS/2 does not run Windows apps, it runs Windows. You can run as many as
>240 copies of Windows 3.11 with as many apps each as each can support.

Keep the education going.

>I don't think there is another operating system out there that is NEARLY
>so flexible in supporting the multitasking of instances of other
>systems. In addition, each individual session can be customized by
>altering any of 75 provided settings for it such as priority, hardware
>access, XMS and EMS and DPMI memory sizes, video refresh, and on and on
>and on. Adjusting a setting in one dosbox affects only that box.

Its clear that NTs dos support is based on OS/2s.

Just for curiousity I've got a OS/2 Warp V3 kit including the bonus pack.

What would it take to get networking going (TCP/IP prefered)?

Also what later versions can be purchased and approximate cost?

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