ALERT! Major Purge in progress

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sun Jan 14 08:02:04 2001

>Paul Williams wrote:

> > Chuck McManis wrote:
> > This needs immediate action everyone, Compaq is in the process of
> > removing ALL of the old "Digital Equipment Corp" information from
> > the Web. We've already lost the DEC Technical Journal articles that
> > were on-line, and the Digital Timeline pages.
> I have a backup of the Timeline pages. If they don't get restored and
> anyone wants a copy, let me know.

Jerome Fine replies:

I have two questions.

(a) Did Compuserve do essentially the same thing a number of years ago
and if so was any of that information archived and saved elsewhere?

(b) What is the copyright status of the old "Digital Equipment Corp"
information? In particular, if Compaq no longer makes it available
and also will not sell the information, will Compaq also prevent anyone
else who has independently archived and saved the information from
continuing to make it available again free of charge? I have seen some
independent sites in Australia:
but right now they are not responding. However, in the past they did
have some content that I found interesting.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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