Dreamcast (was: Re: Nuke Redmond!)

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_look.ca>
Date: Mon Jan 15 00:38:31 2001

 Flame bait if I've ever seen it. Just because some marketing bleeb
who has little or no knowledge about computer history came up with
what he thought was a neat designation doesn't mean we have to
obediently follow along. Let's not compound the designation
confusion. This "flavor of the year" will soon pass on (failed game
machine ?) and be replaced by another. Maybe by a Digital
Entertainment Computer. Hmmm, DEC- has a ring to it don't you
think ? Reminds me of how IBM hijacked the Personal Computer
(PC) designation.
 It's just another bloody game for overactive adolescents with the
Hawaian disorder "lak-uv-nookie".
 For a supposed "failed computer" the PS2 made IBM an awful lot
of money, also introduced VGA, plug and play on a PC, and
because of IBM's stupid MCA liscencing policies forced their
competitors to come up with EISA. Since Compaq took over DEC I
guess you could say that DEC was a "failed" computer company.
 But then again what can you expect from an "OpenVMS
 Congratuations, you just joined Richard on my hopeless TWIT list.


> >Um. I thought, given the context, that this person was talking about
> >the Sony Play Station 2, which is also frequently refered to as the
> >PS/2.
> Exactly! PS2 .eq. Playstation 2. OTOH the PS/2 is a failed computer
> platfrom from IBM. Even the Playstation two box says PS2.
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