Silicon Valley pioneer William Hewlett dead at 87

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Mon Jan 15 10:44:12 2001

I saw an article that says the real reason for all of the "new" names is
that no company wants to be saddled with their old name and the associated
reputation. Each new management wants to "reinvent" the company. The first
step is to get rid of the old name. If you can't pronounce the name and it
has no preexisting connotation then the company can define themselves anyway
they want to.

Another side effect is that you can get rid of all of the old liabilities,
retirement plans, and support costs.

You get a new disposable product from a new disposable company.

Back on track.
Has any body interfaced a web cam to any VMS systems? I'd like to connect
one to my VAX systems.
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