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From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Jan 15 19:09:10 2001

 I have a portable test set by Data Disk Inc. of Sunnyvale CA that is
 identified as an "8000 Series Exerciser". It comes in a molded case
 with handle and removable lid that is 14"W x 10.5"D, and 7"H. It is
 powered from a fixed 3-conductor line cord by 115 +/- 10% VAC at
 47-400Hz. The unit dates to late 1974 according to the panel
 information drawing taped to the inside of the lid. Also, users are
 enjoined to "be kind to this tester its a one & only" according
 to a label stuck onto the inside of the lid. It could well be as it is
 entirely wire wrapped.
 The panel contains several rows of mini-toggle switches to select
 tracks from 1-512, a 16-bit data pattern, modes of testing, power, etc.
 Also a four wheel indicating rotary switch to set bits/sector.
 External connections are a 50-conductor ribbon cable that is terminated
 in an edge connector (50-pin), and a row of banana jacks to permit
 bringing out 8 functions for scope display.
 It is available for the price of shipping to anyone who wants it.
 I'm guessing that it weighs about 10 pounds.
                                                - don
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