Tape Drive Vacuum Sensor Group Purchase TU10 / DG 6021

From: Jay Jaeger <cube1_at_home.com>
Date: Mon Jan 15 20:26:33 2001

As folks who follow this list may recall, I was asking about a month ago if
anyone had any vacuum sensors for a TU10.

Since that time, I have identified a source for purchase of these sensors
(set for 10" H2O pressure). They are suitable for TU10's (where I found
some of the exact part I found in there as replacements) and for the DG
6021. I would guess that they are in other drives of similar vintage. (a
TU10 has 8 of them, a 6021 has 4 of them (plus a separate 20" H20 unit) )

If you have a TU10 or a DG 6021, and expect to keep it running for another
10 years, listen up: these will fail, eventually, depending on what their
condition was when you got the drive, how often you use it, etc. On the
TU10, the ones most likely to fail are at the bottom of each vacuum column,
because they are in a pressure differential state most of the time.

I can get the parts for $14.23 each in unit quantities, but the catch is
that the minimum order is $250. I was thinking that I needed about 10 of
them, for sure, so I'd like to find someone else who could use at least 7
or 8 of them.

I also suspect that the price would come down a little for quantities over
24 -- but I have not yet checked quantity pricing.

SO, what I would like to do is this. Anyone who is SERIOUSLY interested in
purchasing some of these beasties, please reply to me (as well as or
instead of the list), and I'll try to put an order together this
month. Payment will probably be via your choice of personal check or
PayPal (I have not yet set up my PayPal account, though).

Jay Jaeger
Jay R. Jaeger The Computer Collection
cube1_at_home.com visit http://members.home.net/thecomputercollection
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