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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 08:17:53 2001

> > I don't know why Intuit has survived, but I am kind of curious given the
> > boneheadedness of the product. I mean everybodies first two programs are,
> > hello world, then checkbook. Granted they have put more than a little
> > polish on Checkbook 1.0, but they have also managed to drag it out over 9
> > major releases.
> Being a bad seed, my first program printed out random vulgar phrases
> instead of "hello world". This was on a CDC-6500 running Dual-MACE at
> Purdue University.

And all my hello world programs these days say, "Mortimer, we're back!" Of
course, this was all after 1987.

I think my first program on the Tomy Tutor was a 2+2 program. My first
program on the C64 was a recipe box.

My problem is I *don't* balance my checkbook. ;-)

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