Nuke Redmond!

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Date: Mon Jan 15 20:40:18 2001

I made the subject "Nuke Redmond!" to be deliberatly inflamatory with
enough humor not to take completely seriously.

Even though I'd like it not to be true, I agree that there is no monopoly.
Microsoft is guilty only of TRYING to create one. The guilt is real, but
I'm not sure it is prosecutable as such.

Microsoft is guilty of being a mafia which is even worse, and it is for
that that they should be prosecuted - not for this contrived 'crime'. I
think bundling the browser in the way they did is innovative and worthy of
praise not condemnation. Thier motives might be flawed, but the results
are not. This is not to say that the ends justify the means.

I don't know why Microsoft's real crimes weren't the basis for this suit.
There are plenty to chose from but the government chose this thin premise.
It is strange the way things have worked out.

I've been waiting for years for the real crimes to be prosecuted and it
has not happened. Microsoft deserves what this judge offered as a
solution, but not for the reasons cited. I have friends that have been
directly destroyed by illegal actions taken by Microsoft. I would like
them vindicated but not this way.

I hate to say it, but this case has no basis in fact. The evidence used
to support it are valid and worthy of scrutiny and reprepresent real
crimes, but the original charge is faulty and should never been brought
before a court.

I think if the justice system is valid, Microsoft will be vindicated and
that is a crime against truth.

Microsoft is, metaphoricly and in some cases actually guilty of wholesale
fraud, the rape of minds, and murder. The justice department brings suite
for stealing some kid's lunch money. Why did they select a pickaune crime
to prosecute when there are so many real crimes to name?

I'm the first person to suggest that Microsoft be brought to justice, but
not on trumped up charges. There are too many real crimes ignored to call
this justice even if Microsoft is convicted.

As I've said before, this is the first time Microsoft products have to
genuinely compete on their merits and not on the basis of anti-competitive
structures and practices. I agree that ms should be challenged and
limited by the courts, but these limits and challenges were produced by a
flawed and false case brought by the justice department. The end result to
date has been positive which should indicate to all that Microsoft has
been, to a significant degree, brought to heel. At least temporarily.

As an American and a Libertarian, I feel strongly that Microsoft should be
punished, but not at the expense of my rights which is what is happening
now. No matter how guilty, false charges are false and affect all of us.

That is why I started this thread. To suggest folks to think hard. They
have. Last year it spurred thought, and this year, when things were slow,
it did so again.

I beg your pardon if you are one of those folks annoyed by the flood of
messages, but I can't but praise the content of the thread. Not only does
this thread contribute in a real way to the sharing of information and
opinion, but those opinions offered contribute to real thought on the part
the whole group.

Not that I'm qualified to praise, but I'd like to thank all of you for
your thoughtful and even sometimes thoughtless opinons. It, (the thread
Nuke Redmond!) has spawned many excellent discussions and I think that
sharing brings us all together in thought and for that this has been an
excellent exercise for all of us.

My very best to you all,


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