Nuke Redmond!

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 12:59:04 2001

> So ... aren't there things that you want? You certainly can't blame
> MS, as a corporate entity, for doing what it does in order to get what
> it wants, can you? Why do you think you should make what MS wants
> YOUR problem? They haven't done that. You have.

 The Mafia could make the same argument, unless as it seems,
you consider "corporate entities" above the law and even common
morality. Ever hear of the "love canal" or the hundreds of other
incidents attesting to the rapaciousness of greedy corporations and
their dedication to the bottom line regardless of the consequences
to societies well-being.
> Somebod ought to send Judge Jackson a copy of a transcript of this thread.
> Clearly, there is no monopoly! Apple produces a competitive GUI
> right? OS/2 is better, it just costs a little more, right? LINUX is
> cheaper, right? Marginally anti-competitive practices are common
> in the corporate world. Where's the problem?

Clearly that Judge Jackson and most people aren't as enamored
and in awe of the corporate world as you are. Spare me from
"Suits" logic.
> >
> > My problem with MS isnt' that it has been's
> > that they want you to have one choice for all of your needs...thier
> > products.
> >
> Isn't that what Mobil, or Miller Corp, or General Motors, or Wal-Mart
> want, too?

 Of course, if they can get away with it. The history of cartels
shows why governments all over the world passed laws against
them as impacting on the common good of society.

> >What software companies out there have the resources to
> > take MS on if MS truly decided they wanted to move into that area?
> > MS is as close to a corporation with unlimited resources as any I can
> > think of. They've also become pretty good at dictating what the
> > hardware companies do as well due to the way they license
> > software. Sure, there are alternatives, but none that can come even
> > close to actually competing. There have been very few times in
> > history where a single company had such an impenetrable stranglehold
> > on an industry.

> That, in part, is because so many software vendors
> went into the marketplace with their own ideas, completely
> disregarding what the market demands. Microsoft became the truly
> monstrous company it is, not because they started out with the goal of
> shoving their products down your throat whether you wanted them or
> not, but because so many people wanted what they did produce.
> Microsoft's made a ton of dough by giving the public, not what they
> need, but what they want.
 Crap ! Judge Jackson didn't make his ruling on the basis that M-
S**t was just a better vendor. The testimony about unethical
conduct was overwhelming.

> It's unfortunate that the quality of OS and application software,
> generally, is so low, but MS is still pretty much the best that's out
> there. Notable exceptions exist, but for the mainstream, it makes
> sense for people to use Microsoft's products. Until there is a true
> competitor, which Apple isn't, and which IBM isn't, there's no sense
> in complaining.

 Hasn't most of the commentary in this thread by knowledgeable
computer people been exactly that it isn't "the best out there" No,
don't complain, let M-s**t run roughshod over the computer industry
and when King Billy puts the squeeze on the apologists can say
"why didn't you say something before ".

> > Anyway, my 2 cents. I normally don't get into the
> > public MS bashing. I've used thier products for years on numerous platforms.
> > I guess we can all thank IBM for the current mess due to
> > the generous agreements they signed with MS in the
> > beginning of IBM-PC development.
> > That, in my opinion, is what provided MS with
> >the foothold they needed, as well as the funds.

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> >

 End of thread for myself, tried to ignore it, but I just couldn't take
the BS any more.

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