Nuke Redmond!

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 13:56:34 2001

Starting Saturday, we're all going to get a close up and personal view of an
alternative to your proposed industry-government relationship. What you
propose is a socialist model. A fascist model is one, as in Japan, where
industry enjoys a close relationship with government. Everybody with a
7-figure income and 10^6 kilobucks' net worth will come to appreciate that.
The rest of us can go suck hind teat.

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> Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >
> > It's because, not only are other companies as devious, in fact ALL
> other
> > surviving companies are, in their way, as devious, but that's what
> they're
> > SUPPOSED to be.
> No, companies are limited liability constructs of the state. They fall
> under the same social contract that the state does, even more so. Yes,
> we can, and should, insist that corporations be ethical. The nature of
> a corporation's "rights" is quite different than the nature of an
> individual's rights. The corporation exists at the pleasure of the
> state. Corporations are SUPPOSED to be what the state intends them to
> be. The same is not true of individuals. The state has the power to
> regulate the ethical behavior of corporations, even to the extent of
> demanding that the corporation be altruistic. But altruism is not the
> issue with Microsoft. Rather the issue is unethical business practice.
> Beyond that, you have not answered my question as to why you are
> defending unethical behavior. Why not let those who would promote
> ethical behavior take the lead, even if you don't think they have much
> chance at success? Why try to shoot them down? What is to be gained by
> it?
> -- John Tinker
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