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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 18:20:24 2001

> > The first program I did after I got my Timex-Sinclair 1000 in
>> '82 was the same thing. I don't recall any longer where I got the
>> basic program, but it didn't have a second hand so I spent a while
>> keying it in and then 3-4 more hours trying to add the second hand to
>> it. Unfortunately, I inadvertently wiggled the machine before I was
>> finished and lost it all.
>I'm sorry, I died laughing at this point from sympathy, since a good
>thwack to my 1000's 1016 RAM pack has historically been the quickest
>way to crash the machine. :-)

        Electrically, the connection of the 1016 to the TS-1000 is
flaky at best. I bought the 1000 new in '82 when they first became
available and it was the first system that i actually owned, though I
had been hanging around the Radio Shack stores for a number of years
trying to figure out a way of getting one of the TRS-80 machines. I
had the 1000 connected up to a portable B/W TV set and used the
cassette deck in my stero for storage. It's always amazed me at how
few parts there actually were inside the machine! I did most of my
serious programming on the TRS-80 Model III's in my high school's
computer lab though I used the 1000 to work on ideas while at home.
My 2nd program on the Model III was a double-helix that spiraled up
the screen. If you stared at it long enough it would appear to change
speed and rotation direction.

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