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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 18:04:26 2001

THETechnoid skrev:

>Another was a program which drove an optical digitizer I built from a
>fiber-optic cable, an infrared fiber optic detector (variable
>potentiomiter) and some tape. It plugged into the joystick port and used
>the Vpot analog to digital converter the machine uses to 'read'
>paddle-type game controllers. The tape-wrapped end of the fiber optic
>cable fit nicely into one of the pen bays on an Atari 1020 color plotter.
>Run a photo into the plotter and start the program. After a few minutes,
>the photo is on screen in 16 shades of grey. Saving the image was as
>simple as an incremeted "peek" and store of each location in screen
>memory. I was very proud of it at the age of 14. I still have the program
>and some 'girly' pictures I digitized with it, but the scanner hardware is
>long lost. Sigh. My adolescent friends TOTALLY understood. ;-),

I saw a similar construction on Computerclub (German television), but they
built a drum scanner instead, wrapping the source image onto a roll which sat
upon an old grammophone, while the scanner head was slowly moved downwards. No
girlie pictures, though. =)

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