SCSI? card identification

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jan 17 22:03:19 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Louis Schulman wrote:

> Siders came in various sizes, up to 40 megs, I believe. Their major
> benefit (I use one on my //e) is that they came with partitioning
> software allowing you to boot into DOS, ProDOS, CP/M or Pascal. This
> is a Very nice feature.

I realized after it was too late that the numerous DOS partitions I
created on mine were worthless. The ProDOS partition was far functional.
At any rate, it served me well, and in fact still does. The Sider ][ I
have (20 megs) used to run 24/7 servicing a BBS for a couple years. I
bought it in around 1989 or so and it is still going strong. I've been
trying to move more important files off of it (old writings, letters,
essays, etc.) before it finally kicks the bucket. It has rarely been used
since the early 90's but still.

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