SCreaming RD54 aka Maxtor 2190

From: William Fulmor <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 00:09:29 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Chuck McManis wrote:

> I've got a newly re-functioning VAXStation 2000 which is equipped with an
> RD54 hard drive. The system boots into Ultrix 3.1 however it is _very_
> loud. The drive has got a serious whine to it. I'm wondering if there is a
> bering or a brush somewhere that I can lubricate to cut down on the noise!
> --Chuck

Sounds about like a first generation DC-9 revving up for roll out?

I've had very good luck shutting up XT2190's and RD54's simply by turning
them upside-down. In my particular set up (old pee cee cases) they also
run _much_ cooler. That might present mounting and cabling
complications in your situation. YMMV.

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