SCreaming RD54 aka Maxtor 2190

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 01:48:45 2001

At 11:09 PM 1/17/01 -0700, Bill wrote:
>Sounds about like a first generation DC-9 revving up for roll out?


>I've had very good luck shutting up XT2190's and RD54's simply by turning
>them upside-down. In my particular set up (old pee cee cases) they also
>run _much_ cooler. That might present mounting and cabling
>complications in your situation. YMMV.

Actually this is a VAXStation 2000 so turning it upside isn't a problem
(nothing else cares about orientation) but alas it did not noticeably
change the whine.

I'm really torn by this little machine. On the one hand I sort of swore off
MFM drive based systems and was sticking to Q-bus based VAXen in the
collection, but now with the VS2000 I've got a bunch of the workstation
versions as well (KA41 - KA49). Fortunately for me the desktop VAXes take
up _much_ less room than the deskside variety, also the drive has Ultrix32
on it and its my only Ultrix based VAX (I've got Ultrix media for MIPS but
not for VAX). I'm guessing that if I moved the jumper back I'd see it has
some sort of frame buffer as well, perhaps it would bring up X even.

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