SCSI? card identification

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 11:05:51 2001

--- Jeff Hellige <> wrote:
> >I've got an Amiga external SCSI drive made by Tecmar that has a 37-pin
> >connector...

> Is this the Tecmar T-disk? I've got a 20meg version and it
> requires a sidecar for the A1000, which also provides a 1meg memory
> expansion.

That's the one.

> It has it's own CPU that branches off to both the sidecar
> and the disk drive and there are a number of files that have to be
> added to the A1000's Workbench disk in order to access it. It won't
> boot from the Tecmar.

That was absolutely typical of Amiga 1000 disk interfaces. I had a "WEDGE"
for a long time - an 8-bit ISA adapter that came with drivers for the Western
Digital WX-1 interface. It was replaced with a Microbotics StarBoard - mine
was fully loaded - clock, 2Mb RAM and SCSI (the "StarDrive"). I was able
to go from two ST225 drives (40Mb) to one Maxtor LXT213S (200Mb drive from a
SPARCstation) with that upgrade. Between the two interfaces, I was set from
about 1987 until I replaced the A1000 with an A3000 in 1993 (it lasted until
I brought an A4000 home with me from N.Z. after replacing the 220/50Hz PSU
with the guts from a PC PSU, around 1996)

I still have my premiere copy of _Amiga World_ that has the T-Drive and the
rest of the peripherals advertised *months* before they were ready to ship.
They were billed as the first Amiga hard disks, but ISTR they took so long
to finalize their product that there were several offerings out there when
you could _finally_ buy one. Infamous vaporware in the early Amiga days.


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