Need NeXT 1100 info

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 15:49:59 2001

>Looking for info on NeXt 1100 Pizza Boxes. What is the processor? Memory?
>Color/Mono? HD? CD? Collectability? Things to look out for? Accessories

        The N1100 should be the mono NeXTstation with either the
25mhz or 33mhz 68040 cpu, the cool looking mono Megapixel monitor,
non-ADB keyboard, mouse, and soundbox. Typically, they could be had
with hard disks of anywhere from 250 to 400meg and 16 to 32meg of
RAM. There were plenty of peripherals planned for the NeXT systems,
but few actually made it to market. The main ones that did are the
NeXT CD-ROM, laser printer, and inkjet printer. Overall, they're a
nice system with an interesting OS.

        According to thier literature, both mono stations carried the
N1100 model number, while both Color stations carried the N1200
model. There's usually a sticker on the front/right corner. If it
simply says 'NeXTstation' then it has the 25mhz CPU in it. If it
says 'Turbo' it has the 33mhz.


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