SCreaming RD54 aka Maxtor 2190

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 17:54:19 2001

From: Jim Strickland <>

>Could you set it up to netboot and copy the disk over before it croaks?
>If it was running VMS I'd suggest clustering it. I'm thinking the
>in performance between having it netboot and run against an NFS disk vs
>running against the mfm drive isn't going to be all that big.

Check and see if it has DECNET on it and copy the disk via that to
another VMS machine. IF not then use TCP/ip to copy the disk.

As a machine you can put a lot of different disks into it and if you
load it put a small disk in it as SWAP, as swapping over eithernet is
Also the power supply want that 30W load so you have to have a drive.

Possible drives ST225(20mb), Quatum D540(30mb), ST251(40mb),
XT21290(160mb) to name a few. that machine can format drives!

>> versions as well (KA41 - KA49). Fortunately for me the desktop VAXes
>> up _much_ less room than the deskside variety, also the drive has
>> on it and its my only Ultrix based VAX (I've got Ultrix media for MIPS
>> not for VAX). I'm guessing that if I moved the jumper back I'd see it
>> some sort of frame buffer as well, perhaps it would bring up X even.

It just might!

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