AT&T Scsi Drive Specs

From: Goldarg <>
Date: Thu Jan 18 21:08:03 2001


I recently got a AT&T SCSI drive from a friend and wanted to see if I could
get it working in my Sparc SLC but I don't have specs and cant find any online,

The drive has a number of labels on it
KS-23494 L11 B
5.25 Inch SCSI
Winchester Disk Drive

Model: 97536DA
Option: STD
Ser No: 3001a97212
Handle With Care

AT&T-CC 405 723 057 is below one bar code

AT*T-SN 9075361972212 is below a 2nd bar code

Its a big drive and spins up but probe-SCSI does not find it.

The last Label on the drive is
97536DA 6 8942 003 c3 b 2920
                a9 6394 DIFF8840
        Primary Rev Code: 3001

I'm wondering if the 'DIFF8840" part means its not normal SCSI and wont
work with my SLC

Any pointers to info or suggestions?
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