Aquarius and Memotech MTX512

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Fri Jan 19 03:47:56 2001

Hi, (Tony Duell) said:

> > So how come the charity shops in Bristol aren't full of
> > Good Stuff like this??? They seem to be scared of anything
> > with a mains plug on it!
> Around here, all the charity shops have large notices which read 'We are
> not allowed to accept any form of electical goods' :-(. So no computers
> at all.

The problem is, the equipment has to be inspected and certified safe by a
qualified person - which means paying them - so there's no money to be
made selling them unless they charge more.
I know someone who does this job for one of those "Cash Converter"-type
places, but they price things accordingly ;-)
Stan Barr
The future was never like this!
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