Somewhat OT: DNS problem resolved

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Fri Jan 19 21:28:06 2001

        DNS problems that were, for the past two days, interfering with normal
mail flow in and out of have been corrected. A great
big CLASSICCMP "Thank you!" goes to Jay West, our list maintainer, for
helping me to troubleshoot the problem. ;-)

        Although she's not a listmember, Juli Kislenger at Qwest Internet also
deserves a big batch of kudos. I consider it a miracle that I got her
instead of some newbie handling my case.

        The end result: Blue Feather is now entirely self-hosted, including local
DNS boxes. The only things I'm dependent on USQwest for now are my actual
connectivity and my Usenet feed. Everything else is most definitely local
(about 30 feet away in my garage, to be exact).

        Lots of stress, lots of work, but well worth it in the end knowing that I
can now configure the domain -exactly- the way I want it to be configured.

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