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Date: Fri Jan 19 22:09:54 2001

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> Zane H. Healy skrev:
> >>Can someone send me the List FAQ
> >Is there a FAQ? This is the second request I've seen for
one in the last
> >week (the other was sent directly to me). To the best of
my knowledge
> >there isn't, but probably should be.
> Should there? What would it cover? There have been a lot
of systems produced
> as of 1991, and covering all these would indeed prove

How to get around the password protection on the various
    I've had been given several machines without passwords.

Links to various hardware compatibility sites, museum sites,
archived manufacturer sites,

How-to clean yellowed cases, make cables....

What to look for when buying an old machine,

How to restore one,

Various disk formats, sources for boot disks,....
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