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From: Devon <bobcaar_at_cyberdude.com>
Date: Thu Jan 18 20:36:19 2001


I've got a couple of these units too. It records about 20 seconds of sound
(at least mine do, I believe there were other models) and plays it back in
a loop at the desired FM frequency. The input power is a 5 pin male DIN
rated 22VAC and 20VA (reads on supply).

Looking at the the plug, from left to right the pinout is as follows 1 4 2
5 3 (with standard DIN numbering, measured with multimeter): (1) 23V
[between 1&2] (4) n/c (2)common (5) n/c (3) -11V [between 1&3 or 2&3]

1 3
 4 5

I believe this unit only requires 22VAC between 1&2. These units were used
in realestate to give a short blurb about a house. Apparently they
retailed for $11 000 (?) back when the previous owner bought them.


> I have a box in a nice well padded soft-case called a Compu-Voxx.
>It was manufactured by Manutronics. It has a removable antenna.
>It appears to be some sort of transmitting device for sending
>messages. Based on the instructions on the face you record a
>message (to a chip I imagine) and then send if the selectable
>digital readout frequency is between 88.1 and 107.9.
> That sounds like the AM band to me. Could this be some sort of
>civil defense emergency device ?
> It has a 5-pin DIN plug for power which unfortunately didn't come
>with it which is not an unsurmountable problem.
> Anyone know what this might be.
>ciao larry
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