Disassembling Gateway Solo and P3C laptops?

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Sat Jan 20 12:45:55 2001

At 05:53 PM 1/19/01 +0000, jpero wrote:
>Be specific. There are many Solo models based on numbers by gateway
>and bad news, gateway owns only this design, and there are no
>other notebooks that has this design.
>But, what that P3C? That's not solo.

One is a P-75, it doesn't say "Solo" it says "P3C" on
the bottom label. Judging by eBay items, this is the
laptop's designation. Search eBay for P3C and there
are plenty of hits.

The other is a P-90 and it *does* say just "Solo" so
I think that makes it a 2000 in terms of the model
numbers that followed in that line. The case is quite
identical to the other.

Any help would be appreciated! They're circa 1994-5,
so they're only half on topic... as opposed to Bill Gate's
personality traits, which are older than 10 years and
therefore on topic.

- John
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