SMD cabling information / Symbolics know-nothings

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Sat Jan 20 18:57:42 2001

Derek Peschel and I are sitting here scratching our heads making confused
noises trying to figure out why my Symbolics is broken.

It worked (to a point) before I moved to this new house. Now it's not
working even tot hat point.

Power good. We can't get the FEP booted.

I wonder if I haven't gotten the SMD disk hooked up correctly?

At the drive end, there ar four possibilities for where to connect the
60-pin A cable, and two possibilities for where to connect the B cable. I
have a terminator. We have wasted lots of time searching the web for this

How do I hook up the drive so I know it's connected properly? It's a 760
MB CDC Sabre 9720.



ps. Does anybody know enough about these machines to help me troubleshoot
it? I think the basic parts all work, but just not yet together. It's a
Symbolics 3650.
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