CD-ROM drive for VAXstation 3100 Model 76

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Date: Sun Jan 21 10:01:22 2001

I tried several drives from different makers. All were 512byte jumperable
and would boot backup from the cd, but when you try to perform the
restore, the system bombs.

After about a week of diddling, I went and got an RRD40. Slower than
molassis in January, but it works and the others didn't.



P.S. From experience, you don't NEED a caddy for an RRD40. I don't have
one either. I just opened the drive and replaced the disk already inside
it with my VMS install cd. You need at least the horseshoe part of the
caddy, but not the whole thing.



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   at 11:01 AM, William W Webb <> said:

>Fred, do a search for RRD40/42/43. These are the original DEC CD-ROM
>drives that I absolutely positively know will work with these boxes- they
>are jumperable to do 512 or 2048 byte sectors. (VMS requires drives that
>do 512.)

>RRD40s are really old and need a caddy.

>You might be interested to know that I've got the Owner's Guide for the
>VAXstation 3100 Model 76 online at:


>I'm considering doing the VAXstation 4000 VLC manual next, but only if
>there's a demand for it since that much HTML pretty much by hand is a
>real bitch.

>William W. Webb

>I don't know if it's outside of the scope of this mailing list to talk
>about things for sale, but I've got hold of some old 64 x 64 bit core
>frames that would look really nice in a shadowbox or under glass as a
>desktop doodad.
>Mfr. Lockheed Electronics Corp.

>I can also lay my hands on a 4K module (9 frames with diode arrray
>connector cards)

>If anybody's interested, drop me an email and we'll talk about price.

>Apologies in advance if I've transgressed.
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