Getting desparate for TRS-80 serial card

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 13:34:32 2001

>Ok, I have not had any responses on my request to buy a TRS-80 Expansion
>Interface serial board. I am really getting desperate now.
>I don't need to keep the board so if anyone is willing to lend or even
>RENT me one then that would be fine.

        I'd lend you mine, but it gets around the flakey connection
issue by soldering about a 6 inch piece of ribbon cable to the bottom
of serial card and the other end to the IE's connector for the card,
then placing a piece of non-conductive material between the two so
that the cable can be doubled over and the serial card held in place
using two screws. Unfortunately, this makes the serial board
unremovable. It has had the connectors on the outside updated with
gold contacts as well. Now if only I had a working double density
board for it as mine either died or has gone out of spec very badly.

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