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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 14:09:55 2001

> >That's PC/GEOS. Trust me, it works. I was a PC/GEOS believer back in the
> >early days and I think it's one fabulous GUI.
> Is PC/GEOS still available? I have GEOS for my C-64 but have
> never tried the x86 version. For early x86 GUI's, I liked GEM. I
> like it on the Atari-ST as well, as long as it's running in the
> high-res mode on a SM-124. Low-res CGA-style doesn't do it justice.

New Deal *is* PC/GEOS -- same kernel, same everything, just different name.
The Commodore and Apple GEOSes are related to PC/GEOS in name only.
Interestingly, if one looks at the Berkeley Softworks nee GeoWorks specs
for Apple and C64 GEOS, there were some hooks to make the two platforms
cross-compatible. Clever.

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