Making an Atari 400/800 Basic cartridge Eprom type?

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 15:31:18 2001

On January 21, Claude.W wrote:
> Anybody ever burn your own EPROM from a rom dump and just put it in a socket of a cartridge?
> I opened up a cart today to see a socketed ROM in there in only one of the 2 possible PCB locations for chips.
> I suspect 2 were used in some cartridges...not in the breakout game I opened today.
> Anybody know what eprom types are pin compatible for these if any?

  I bet it's a relatively ordinary pinout...probably the ROM version
of a 2716 or 2732. I believe those chips have part numbers like
"2316" and such, if memory serves. There were lots of mask ROMs that
were pin-compatible with EPROMs in that era, before one-time
programmable EPROMs (plain EPROMs but in plastic packages with no
erasure window) became cost-effective.

  Are the numbers on your chip readable? If so, what are they?

     -Dave McGuire
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