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From: Fred deBros <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 16:23:30 2001

> Where can PC/GEOS, aka New Deal, be found? It sounds pretty
> interesting and something I'd like to check out.
> Jeff
> --

Geoworks 2.0 requires a 286 but then its addicting. The GUI is ugly as hell,
because it was made for VGA. My taste ;>/

I always wondered why Geoworks never gave Bill the competition. It was the
first multitasking GUI that ran on an XT, long b4 wIN3.0

It also was the take-off platform for Steve Chase with a lil terminal
pgm/bbs called AOL. I remember when Steve was a regular there and we made
fun of him when he swore that he would have 100 000 users .......

For 16-bit fans and win3.11 on memory-poor laptops, calmira is quite geeky:

have fun


I hope these posts are within classiccomputer criteria....
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