Sun monitor cables

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 18:37:11 2001

On Jan 21, 20:14, Alex Holden wrote:
> Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of Sun monitor cables (ideally
> in the UK)?
> They use 13W3 D type connectors, and I
> did actually manage to get hold of the connector shells from Farnell, but
> they don't seem to be able to get hold of the signal pins for them.

Farnell do list the coax inserts (they also stock the high-current power
plugs that can be used in other 13W3 appications), and IIRC they list the
13W3 shells in two places in the catalogue (which I don't have handy).
 They might be out of stock, I suppose. If so, you can also get them from
Electrospeed (

169.23.1415.421 50 ohm straight plug 252-38733D ?4.08
23.2415.421 50 ohm straight socket 252-38734A ?6.17
FMX 003 P102 75 ohm straight socket 252-3104J ?3.05
FMX 003 S102 75 ohm straight plug 252-3106A ?2.36

(I'd check those part numbers; S102 sounds like it should be a socket and
P102 sounds like it should be a plug!)

Electrospeed also sell Siemens inserts for DIN 41612 mixed-body connectors,
which AFAIK are interchangable -- but the Siemens ones are (even) more

You can also get them from RS ( or Electromail:

485-164 RG178B/U straight plug ?4.16
485-170 RG174A/U straight plug ?4.57
485-186 RG178B/U straight socket ?4.84
485-192 RG174A/U straight socket ?3.89

You can get the cheap version from CPC (

CN04661 RG179B/U 75 ohm plug ?1.43
CN04662 RG178B/U 50 ohm plug ?1.43
CN04663 RG179B/U 75 ohm socket ?1.52
CN04664 RG178B/U 50 ohm socket ?1.52

You can get Sun-to-VGA adaptors (both genders), half-pitch 50 D plug
(SCSI-2) to 50-pin 3-row D (which is probably what you called "weird
oversized-D"), and 50-pin D to 50-pin D from Videk (

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