Altair32 Emulator Project Update

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 22:00:53 2001

Hello, all:

        The Altair32 project is progressing nicely. I've completed the coding, so
it's feature complete *except* for the Telnet server code. The emulator now
can load and save files, accept disk images (the "controller" is the
standard MITS 88DSK), and produce printer output. I also modularized it a
bit so that it's easier to add devices to it in the future.

        Obviously, the Telnet server code is key since that's what will serve as
the attached terminal. So, we are unfortunately still restricted to using
the FP.

        I have a few bells and whistles I like to add. For example, I'd like to add
real Altair fan noise. Spin up. Run. Shutdown. I'd also like to change the
FP to the original 8800 instead of the 8800b that was originally used. What
I'd want to do is superimpose the graphic switches and LEDs over a picture
of an actual 8800. The existing graphics size is 600x320, but I can make it
larger if need be.

        I haven't posted the code to my Web site yet because I'd like to first
offer it up for "beta testing" to the ClassCmp group. If anyone is
interested in seeing the full source distribution including bitmaps and VC6
project files, please email me off-list and I'll send you a zip file.

        Just a personal reflection. Before this project, I never programmed in C,
much less in "Windows." What a learning experience. I do have to say,
though, that C is fairly easy to learn and use, but I'm sure that I'm only
using about 20% of what C offers. And even at the end of the project, I
still have trouble with pointers :-).


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