OT: Lego Mindstorm

From: John Honniball <John.Honniball_at_uwe.ac.uk>
Date: Mon Jan 22 07:19:31 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001 17:30:07 -0800 Sue & Francois
<fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net> wrote:
> To bring it back to charter I also found an Atari Videon Touch Pad for the
> 2600. Were there many games that made use of it?

I have a calculator-like keypad for the 2600. Presumably
not the same thing? It's got about 12 keys, 3x4
arrangement, all in black plastic. I suppose the game was
supplied with an overlay. Any clues about what game(s)
used this thing?

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