Intel ???? rescued, weekend finds

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jan 22 11:19:46 2001

  I went out to a scrap place yesterday and found a large white Intel box
sitting out in the dirt. It looks like some kind of emulator. It's *about*
12" tall, 24 deep and 16 wide. There's no marking on the front except
"Intel" on the top RH corner. It looks like there may have been another tag
on the front at one time but it's gone now. The back has a tag that gives
the voltage, etc and says model no. "PIII515". There's a large ribbon
cable connected to it that ends in a cigar sixed box. A thin flex cable
comes out of the other end of the box and has plug on it. It's marked "286"
so I assume it replaces a 286 CPU. There are no displays, switches or other
controls on the box. However it does have some more sockets on the back but
I didn't note the labels on them. Does anyone know exactly what this is?
Of course, we brought back with us but it's now here now so I can't give
better details.

   Other finds included an I/O expander for the HP 1000 (pn 12979), a HP
MultiProgrammer and lots of extra cards, a complete monitor for a HP 9835
(With a good CRT! Yippee!), a pile of VME cards, a CPU card to replace the
bad one in Bob's Sun 670(?), two more Exor-bus cards (Hey Mike!), a big
pile of chip clips and EZ-hooks, several HP-IB cards for PCs, also three
circuit boards and a gyro from a Hellfire missile!

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