OT: Lego Mindstorm

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Mon Jan 22 11:00:54 2001

>Speaking of C64s... Does anyone remember Lego's old computer interface
>from the 80s? I saw one in a dusty old toy store in Italy two years ago,
>but can't remember a whole lot about it. What kind of interface did it
>use? Was it perhaps only sold to the educational market?

The Apple II version had a very simple two, maybe three IC card and
connected to the interface box by an I-think-16-pin ribbon connector.
The interface box had two input connectors and nine output connectors
(labeled A/B/C & 1/2/3/4/5/6). A-C could do both even and odd
directions, 1-6 one direction only. Setting A to run even would also
turn on 1, setting it to odd would also turn on 2, etc. The system ran
off 4.5v. The kits were programmed with LEGO TC Logo.

The kits were discontinued just four years ago and were available only
through educational venues. The discontinuation price (no idea how much
they were originally) was $200 for an interface box, card, and blue case
full of LEGO blocks, including the necessary motors/sensors, etc.

Is anybody else more familiar with the the interface? The card looked
awfully simple and I'd be interested in finding a source, as I only have
8 cards but quite a few more of the interface boxes.


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