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Date: Mon Jan 22 12:43:31 2001

Hi Iggy.
Try docs.hp.com, till some months ago they still have old stuff there. If
you could not find anything, I can try to find some info for you (I work
for HP).


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>Last night, at the user group, we tried to fire up an old HP 9000/822 (I
>trust this falls inside the classic frame?). Unfortunately, the key has
>been lost somewhere along to road, so we had to hotwire it (is this the
>correct term?). We have two large sets of manuals, but they only cover
>HP-UX and various monitors, so we have no idea what all the error codes
>the front panel might mean. Also, where do we connect a console? We've
>two serial muxes at the back, as well as ethernet, but that's all the I/O
>we've been able to find.
>Any pointers to useful beginners' HP?
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