Making an Atari 400/800 Basic cartridge Eprom type?

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Mon Jan 22 08:40:37 2001

> This isn't really relevant to my comment though since Atari
> BASIC is not MS BASIC. Atari BASIC was written specifically for the
> Atari 400/800 with a good deal of attention paid to being able to
> interact with the hardware capabilities of the machines. Commodore
> didn't go to the same level of functionality with their BASIC. MS
> BASIC was available seperately for the Atari and judging from your
> comment, I'd say that it didn't allow the same level of hardware
> interaction either.

Whups, my mistake. :) I guess the wet parser gets to go back for
an updated Caffine Fix Pack. :)

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