Sun monitor cables

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Jan 23 00:18:04 2001

>>Also, about half of the external SCSI boxes use a weird oversized-D SCSI
>>connector (I think it might be an early SCSI 1 format) that I haven't been
>>able to find cables for either. I'm not as bothered about those, but if
>>anybody knows where I can find them (and adapters to SCSI2, which is what
>>all the controllers use) cheaply, that would be cool too.
>What kind of connector is it? How many pins, what does it measure? The SUN
>SCSI boxes I've encountered have either used Mini-DB50 (modern ones) or
>Centronics-50 (big old ones).

Older Sun stuff also used a big connector with 3 rows of pins. I have a bit
of it, but generally don't bother with it, leaving it for a fellow I know
who is into Sun 360 type boxes.
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