Machines I'm looking for...

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Mon Jan 22 18:52:58 2001

> >I know that this is a shameless plug, but here are a few machines
> >I'm looking for:
> >Dynalogic Hyperion
> >Commodore Hyperion (Good luck, I know!)

IIRC Dynalogic Hyperions were built in Ottawa Canada and they also had an
office right here in Montreal...

They were fairly common aound here a few years ago because of this.

I have come close a couple of times of getting free ones.."Oh yeah, you
collect this stuff? I threw out 4 of these about a year ago!"...I have been
told already....I am sure lll get one (or many) some day...

I was offered one not too long ago by someone who taught he had a rare
diamond in his hands he wanted IIRC around $150 - $200.

I policy/philosophy on collecting 197x-198x early 1990s micros

I rarely pay more then $20 unless its a large amount of stuff and a uncommon
I lot of the stuff I have was given to me. Including some very very nice
When its something nice and people dont want money, I give a bottle of wine
(we have plenty inexpensive good ones here in Quebec)
I dont hesitate to pick up stuff I dont really need (DEC, books etc...) to
giveaway or trade on here...
I hunt around a lot for the stuff...

While I still dont have a NEXT box and a Lisa or an Apple III, I do have a
nice collection of clean machines from the computer era I grew up in...and
while I could afford ebay prices and get it all in a few weeks, that would
take the fun out of hunting for them, trading with you guys and meeting
people and talking with people I dont know that call me up/email me out of
nowhere and give me some of this stuff for free....Besides, I am quite cheap
and I can imagine paying ebay prices for this kinda stuff...

Canuk Computer Collector
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