VAX-11/780 boot disk

From: John Allain <John.Allain_at_Donnelley.InfoUSA.Com>
Date: Tue Jan 23 12:55:49 2001

> Anyway, the 780 needs a floppy to boot. Is this the sort
> of thing that is generically available, on the WWW for instance

Don't take this for the definitive answer, but...
"S'matter, Don't you think one of us has one?"

I have a collection of old DEC 8"/Vax era at home.
If you don't get lucky elsewhere there may be something
you can use.
I used to have exactly what you wanted in my travel case
in 1982. Since I didn't steal that one from work we'll
see if there's another one from history since (mainly
the MIT swap meet).

John A.
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