VAX-11/780 boot disk

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Jan 23 20:21:08 2001

Upon the date 11:37 AM 1/23/01 -0600, Richard W. Schauer said something like:
>Hi everybody-
>I just recently acquired a whole bunch of stuff out of a company's
>basement, including a VAX-11/780, VAX-11/750, 4 RA81's, a TU80, a


Nice basement! What a great haul Richard!

>phase on it. I figure this would about balance the draw at 40 amps, 220
>volts, which isn't too unreasonable.

Not if you live in California nowadays! :-)

Have fun with all of it! That's what can be great about our hobby (a.k.a.
affliction) ;-)

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