Comments on these RT-11 Books?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Jan 24 01:39:16 2001

>I think that they're really quite good, so good that I've had them checked
>out of the library for three years now. :-) They were published by
>Digital Press in 83/84 and cover RT-11 5.0. They're a little on the basic

That's a relief (both that thier good, and that they're covering that new
of a version of RT-11)!

>I just did a search in OCLC, the big library union catalog, and it appears
>that these are the only real books on RT-11, although I did stumble

OK, that jives with what I remember from something that was mentioned on
the list about three years ago. I was thinking that what I'd heard about
was all part of the same set though.

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